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Exceeding Your Rigid Box Packaging Expectations

Since 2020, we are manufacturing "RIGID BOXES" at affordable cost, We have a well-maintained infrastructure with a great workforce, We cater rigid boxes for various products ranging from perfumes, mobile phones, Sweet Packaging, Shoe, Premium, Test Kit, electronic products, fragrances, wines, card games, and so on...

Packaging development is not just “wrapping the product”. The modern packaging would have more functionalities. The basic functions of packaging have not changed from the ancient way of packaging. Some of the primary functions of packaging would be Basic protection, make ease of transportation, and showing off the product information inside the packaging. Packaging can be broadly classified as primary and secondary packaging. In simple where the product has direct hat is the primary and rest are all be secondary. Rigid boxes mostly fall under the secondary packaging whereas the folding boxes might fall in the primary packaging category.

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Rigid Boxes

Our Rigid Boxes

Our primary objective is to furnish your branded products with high-quality premium packaging at an affordable cost. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from, your brand and products deserve the best and that’s the reason we are here to provide you with premium packaging. "Rigid Boxes India" is one of the luxury rigid box manufacturer in India

Why Choose Packaging in Rigid Boxes India?

Our First and foremost focus is on providing the high-quality packaging for your brand, and ensure that you can choose your premium packaging at affordable rates. We don't like to provide cheap packaging to your products, your brand and your products deserve the best that's why we here.

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Custom Rigid Boxes in India

"Rigid Boxes India" can also provide Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging to save Mother Nature..   

Soya Based Ink:

To achieve non-toxic printing, we can use soya-based inks which give premium-quality printing and specifically its eco-friendly. at Rigid Boxes India our many of products are based on these types of inks

Kraft based rigid boxes:

It’s another way of achieving 100% biodegradable and compostable rigid boxes. By applying Hot foil stamping on top of the Kraft material and aligning this into a rigid box, we can achieve these tangible eco-friendly and compostable rigid boxes

Food Grade Packaging:

We are also making 100% PLA coated/Bio Compostable food-grade boxes too....

One Stop Packaging Solution

We offer A to Z printing and packaging solutions to the customers. It’s not just words but from Packaging consultation till design creation, Sample creation to Mass production we will built it from the base as per your requirements along with your team. From simple leaflet printing still rigid boxes, from corrugation boxes till folding boxes we can accommodate every single packaging needs of a customer. When all your packaging needs been accumulated and efficiently handled, you can focus on your business development which every business man in need of. "Rigid Boxes India" is an export oriented unit

Types of Rigid Boxes
Cosmetic Rigid Boxes India
Ring Rigid Boxes India

Packaging Consultation till Design Creation

Why the packaging consultation? And what’s up with the design?

It’s also merely as important as product development because the packaging design also evolved much more in the modern packaging world. Say even if it’s a luxurious products like mobile phones or ornaments, the customer’s first view is the packaging of that product. If you want premium quality rigid boxes at affordable price your one and only choice is "Rigid Boxes India"

The packaging design development means not only the creation of graphical themes but it also includes the life cycle analysis, budgeting the packaging cost and other performance indicators of that packaging too. That’s the reason the packaging development becomes part of product development. Not all the product packaging are similar like the bicycle packaging differs from the ornaments collection. Each domain has its own requirement, nevertheless the products too. Similarly the life cycle of the box should get sustained more than the product life cycle.  In addition to that if one compare the product value and the amount spent on packaging, they might feel that there is a comprehensive gap between both of it. To achieve a agreeable solutions for all the stakeholders a combined approach should be followed while designing the product/packaging combination.


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