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Test Kit Packaging Boxes

Test Kit Packaging Boxes: We produce packaging for the medical and genetic medical sectors. Our product range includes packaging boxes designed for pregnancy kits, saliva kits, genetic kits, and other medical kits. While we excel in developing packaging solutions for a wide array of industries, our standout proficiency lies in creating Test Kit Packaging Boxes, setting us apart in this specialized domain.."

Test kit Packaging Boxes
Test Kit Packaging Boxes
Test Kit Packaging Boxes

Buy Medical Kit Packaging Boxes

Rigid Boxes is One of the best packaging option for Test Lit Packing, We are manufacturing Premium Test Kit Boxes for Saliva Test, Genetic Kit, Medical Kit, Pregnancy Kits. Medical Kit Boxes is very sturdy and Strong because many of the kit used for Transportation  friendly. 

Custom Test Kit Boxes:

We are experts in custom Test Kit boxes, we can provide 100+ options/idea's to your Medical Kit packaging... Our Cost cut team can provide you best packaging option at affordable price

Premium Medical Kit Rigid Boxes:

Our Premium Medical Kit Rigid boxes are high end & premium because our Quality team will not bargain at raw materials quality. Our Production team also well experienced in premium product manufacturing...

Test Kit Packaging
Cookies Rigid Boxes

Recyclable Packaging Boxes

"Rigid Boxes India" can provide sustainable packaging to the future environment..

Soya Based Ink   

To achieve non-toxic printing, we can use soya-based inks which give premium-quality printing and specifically its eco-friendly. Many of our products are based on these types of inks

Kraft based rigid boxes

It’s another way of achieving 100% biodegradable and compostable rigid boxes. By applying Hot foil stamping on top of the Kraft material and aligning this into a rigid box, we can achieve these tangible eco-friendly and compostable rigid boxes

Food Grade Packaging:

We are also making 100% PLA coated/Bio Compostable food-grade boxes too....

Custom Test Kit Packaging Boxes

Some of our Printed top & bottom rigid boxes range for your view... If you need your custom printed rigid boxes contact our team now.... Get Best price from "rigid boxes India" Incomparable prices guaranteed

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