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Rigid Boxes India:

Why Choose custom rigid boxes for premium Products?

A Answer is simple because your Product is "PREMIUM" If you have a premium products then you must choose premium packaging option. Your customer experience starts from the packaging boxes so that will give a pleasant unboxing experience. If you have a premium products maximum it will reach to luxury places so they don't hesitate you keep your boxes in this way you will increase your brand identity...

If you need an Elegant packaging solution that will impress your customers? Our rigid boxes are perfect for a wide range of elegant products and brands. You can use our rigid boxes as a display and also our rigid boxes will protect your high-value goods while shipment. You can customize your rigid boxes with us... Unique rigid boxes will help you to improve brand identity and goodwill... Order Your rigid boxes with your logo, Custom style, custom shape. submit your inquiry now...

Rigid Boxes India

you can buy your rigid boxes at affordable prices in India. Let's allow India's best rigid box manufacturer do your Best Rigid Boxes. 

Custom Rigid Boxes in India

@Rigid boxes experts, you can develop custom rigid boxes that become a symbol of your brand is a lot of fun and easy. Such rigid boxes are made of cardboard and have an elegant design. However, it provides the best in brand identity and is an out-of-the-box packaging solution for premium products. So, the customers are seeking flawless wholesale rigid boxes. Our experienced rigid boxes experts have spent a large amount of time and work developing an online booking system. With us, you can get your premium rigid boxes manufactured exactly the way you want them in 3 easy steps using this online service.

  • Size It Up: Select a customize size for your rigid box packaging that ensures a great fit for your products. However, it allows for secure placement and gives the impression that the box is just designed for them.

  • Stylize It: Search our amazing collection of custom styles, choose one, and integrate it with your rigid setup box. However, hinged lid assembly, sleeve sliders with ribbon pulls, and many other options are available.

  • Make It Your Own: Add elaborate graphics to your custom printed rigid boxes, include your logo and branding information, and add ribbons or bows to make a gift box that screams luxury!

Rigid box Packaging Solutions in India

We proudly offer endless finishing options for custom rigid boxes and allow you to add more grace to your product packaging. 

To make your clients fall in love with your business, get away from old and out-of-style packaging boxes and surprise them with flawlessly designed rigid boxes. However, we hire a dedicated team of rigid box manufacturers, which creates a huge library of finishing options from which you may choose your favorite to increase the grace and glam of your luxury rigid boxes. Increase the excitement of gift recipients with glossy finishing, give your valuable corporate gifts a high-end and luxury look with matte finishing. Moreover, it glamorizes the presentation of your products with metallic effects and all of which will help you instantly increase your company’s profitability and reputation.

Custom rigid boxes in shape, size, color, and design are available:

You may make your own custom packaging in whatever size, shape, design, or color scheme you like. Add your brand’s name, logo, and item details to your case to keep your image and products in mind. We also provide any printing solution that you require on your custom printed rigid boxes with other customization options. For your box, you can choose between screen, digital, ink, embossing, debossing, or offset printing. Moreover, we use high-quality ink that keeps your box looking new for a long time.

Why Choose Rigid boxes in India?

We are one of the Best leading rigid box manufacturer in India. Our Elegant rigid boxes experts is capable of providing a design solution for each item you make. However, our custom rigid boxes are well-known for their flawlessness. Our professionals have worked tirelessly to turn a huge number of visitors into loyal and satisfied customers. We care about both our customers and the environment. However, we use updated and most recent technology in the manufacturing of our packaging items to dispose of residue, smoke, and harmful material from the environment. We also use the most advanced equipment to supply the smallest amount of waste that could be hazardous to our environment. Our company is well-known for its low pricing and high-quality services.

Rigid Box Packaging in INdia

Custom Rigid Boxes 

Yes, You can Customize your rigid boxes with us!

Every product is unique and each unique products require unique packaging too. Most of the business owners are the creative heads for their products and the packaging should also match with their product, their style & design, We can provide 100+ themes and styles to your Custom Rigid Boxes.

Rigid boxes are mainly used to protect the product and provide a premium packaging feel to the end customer. Rigid boxes are made up of the thickest available materials and have premium quality. These custom rigid boxes used to be adopted in various domains like ornaments, perfumeries, homemade cookeries and chocolates, gadgets, and a lot more of it. Furthermore, these are popular as rigid gift boxes owing to their top-notch quality. We can offer true customization that you can select from various options like printing techniques, color models, add-ons, and outer coating. By offering these many variants for you to choose from, it’s easy for you to create a unique exclusive rigid box for your brand recognition.

Our expert team is here to help you to choose the best options which exactly match your brand and product requirements. Here is the below customization for you to choose from.

Upgrade your product packaging with our custom Rigid boxes and lead the market!!

With our custom rigid boxes, you can easily create a unique brand packaging for your products and it would win the hearts in the first look itself over the shelf. Along with these custom rigid boxes and eye-capturing look and feel, your brand and products will stand alone from the competitive ocean.

Printing Technique for Rigid boxes

Still using ancient way of plain packaging? It’s high time to merge with the modern printing techniques to stand out from the queue. To achieve it some individuality and uniqueness need to be added to your packaging. We can offer various techniques of printing to create your custom printed rigid boxes. And at the same time, it might also be a nightmare if the packaging fails, hence choose the right choice with our expertise and lead the market.

Offset Printing for Rigid boxes

By using the offset printing technique we can create clear high definition graphical themes on the paper/wrapper. By using the current cutting-edge technology we can create a large volume of prints in a short time. It’s the right option for high-volume jobs because the preliminary setup and other settings will consume time and cost.

To beat the market competition, and to achieve the cost effecting yet luxurious printed packaging box, the right printing technique needs to be adopted. We use to apply color models to achieve enhanced printing of your design and brighten it up with attractive hues. You can also choose from the following two color model options.

CMYK Color Rigid Boxes

There may be millions of colors but all of those can be printed using four color combinations. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black are the basic colors, and by combining these four in varying concentrations on a white background. The major bottleneck in achieving consistency multiple times. If color accuracy is not mandatory per your design, then definitely this is the optimum printing technique

PMS Color Rigid Boxes

To achieve accuracy and consistency in colors across all the print runs, this Pantone Matching System is used. It can be applied to achieve accurate spot colors but it will be a little vibrant. Apart from this, with available more than 1800 colors, accurate colors can be achieved through different devices too.

Digital Printing for Rigid boxes

To overcome the time and cost factors associated with offset printing this digital printing technique got evolved. It’s a very cost-effective and time-saving technique available as a secondary option for printing. It’s secondary because the image quality might differ compared to offset printing. It has size restrictions too. It’s an optimum option for low volume and where the design correction is required. Digital printing options are handy, time-saving, and can easily carry out the design correction too.

Met Pet / UV Printing for Rigid boxes

Met Pet – As the name refers it’s a combination of metallic foil and PET films that got laminated and got a very high shine surface. Printing is used to be made with multicolor metallic ink. In this technique the ink is not absorbed by the medium, it is used to dry down using UV rays. It’s a very fine finish printing technique to achieve all shiny printing. The printed medium can be applied with matte finish or satin finish lamination which will be an add-on process to achieve high premium boxes.


These options are not mandatory to create a rigid box but it flourishes the boxes and turn them into a high premium rigid box. It can be used to beautify the brand logo, title, or even on top of the important information printed on the box. Uses experience can be enhanced using these options. Some of the complex flourishing processes namely emboss, deboss, spot UV, foiling, and window patching. Below is a short description of each process for quick-bites.

Embossed Rigid Boxes

Embossing gives a particular texture/graphic as a raised finish. It easily attracts the customer's attention to your product and even more, customers can touch feel this.

Debossed Rigid Boxes

It’s a reverse of that embossing, as it gives a feature of de-pressed to a particular texture/graphic. These debossing will provide an attractive depressing flourishing finish to the package.

Rigid Boxes with Spot UV

It’s a process of applying shiny ink on top of the printed texts/graphics. The ink is not absorbed as it dries down through UV light. Spot UV is the most popular flourishing process.

Hot Foil Stamping

As the name indicates a thin layer of foil used to be applied on top of the laminated surface of the wrapper. It adds a glowing metallic detail to the packaging. It can be applied to the brand logo, product name, or even prominent borders by applying and pressing foil over it.

Finishing Coats For Smooth And Classic Rigid Boxes

On top of the printed medium, a thin layer of plastic film needs to be pasted or a varnish coating needs to be added. To achieve smooth and sleek finishing these coatings are mandatory. Custom Rigid Boxes has massive coat finish options like matte, gloss, Varnish, and soft touch. Depending on the requirement one can choose from. Below are the short descriptions of each coating option for your quick reading.

Gloss Finish

It adds a smooth and shiny look on top of the rigid boxes. It’s majorly used to easy clean, dust free and dirt resistant options. It adds a reflective exterior to your rigid packaging box

Matte Finish

Not all the designs would accommodate the glossy finish because it might be too vibrant if added on top of the bright colors. As an alternate, we can choose this matte finish option. It gives a dull yet classy, sleek, and smooth effect to your custom printed rigid boxes. Along with this matte finish will not reflect lights but absorb them and fascinate the customers.

Soft-Touch Finish

To achieve a luxurious high-end appearance, this soft-touch, velvety effect can be chosen. It not only attracts customers but mesmerizes them with an exclusive feel.

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